Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Touring Gallery has taken to the road

I love this!...a 1960's Sprite Caravan/Art Gallery is touring the North Yorkshire Moors. Brilliant idea; it is promoting 23 local artists including a blacksmith, painters, sculptures, felt-makers, ceramicists and print makers who are taking part in the Ryedale ArtFest. It was artist Stef Mitchell who came up with the idea, believeing it would promote the work of local artists to a wider audience as well as beating the economic down turn selling original work. Also it is great fun!
I have only just got my L plates (2 lessons down- such fun) but perhaps once i have passed, i'll get my own touring gallery to whizz around Yorkshire in!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Just arrived - Unwrapped from the framers

Fresh from the framers, a couple of my Pop-Up Pictures beautifully framed locally at Spectrum in Thirsk. I am so happy with the frames and the boarders set them off perfectly. Just two more to come back now. Coming is under construction now.  



Monday, 19 September 2011

David Hockney's '25 trees' at Salts Mill, Saltaire.

I haven't been to see the new exhibition at Salts mill yet but I am very excited to! I have always paid attention to Hockney's work as he constantly inspires me. I am not biased, although he is a Yorkshire man. All credit is due, his work blows me away. The new work, photographs each measuring 27ft in length, show the same 25 trees on a Bridlington street at three different times of year.

Over the past few years he has painted fantastic artworks of the countryside that I live in (North Yorkshire). The colours are outstanding; bold yet capturing the shift in tones, always paying attention to the season. I love the great scale he paints at, it makes you feel like you are walking life size into his painterly woods.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

A New Project for Christmas

Right its only 15 weeks until Father Christmas makes our wishes come true!...well what do you expect from a girl who wrote about 'the meaning of christmas' for her dissertation. I have an exciting project on the go which is top secret for now but it does involve christmas! (use what you know i say) - watch this space.

Anyway researching this exciting theme I have come across new designer Katie Heeks. Well i do enjoy a bit of laser-cut design. Here she has layered her fragile, burn't edged illustrations to create a joyous christmas scene. 

Also I have come across a collection of Su Blackwell's christmas cards. She has photographed her book sculptures which are so beautifully crafted to bring the imagination of books to life.


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Gravity Falling Pictures

Ready for the collection of laser-cut pictures influenced by seasonal colour and growth of the English countryside. Here are some close up shots.


Winter to follow...

The idea sprung from Pop-up book mechanisms I investigated in my final project at university. Each picture can be flat packed letting the consumer and gravity pull the imagery down. The aim is to sell them framed and unframed depending on how protected you want them to be.  

I shall be exhibiting them soon at The Oak Tree, South Kilvington in North Yorkshire.
Sunset in North Kilvington

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


A new Blog for a new business venture. PAPILLON loves all things paper and designs that surprise!

Fresh and excited, back from a world adventure, the colours, the patterns, the flavours will inspire my collections.

New found love for cows in India 'Aloo'